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Those of you familiar with my old website, Thy Humble Toll, will have noticed that I have decided to update and rebuild it. The new name is Teletronics and I am in the process of getting the website address sorted out.


 While the old site was primarily focused on insulators and my hobby of collecting them, this new site will be more broad and will feature my television and electronics collection, as well as pages incorporating my interest in electronics. Hopefully there will also be a projects page with schematics (created in Express SCH) and a page for my personal projects.

So, keep checking back. This website will be a major work in progress for a while.

 Youtube Uploads

Aside from my website, I also frequently upload videos to Youtube showing off various televisions I find, as well as other bits and pieces of interest. Check out my channel!







MAY 19th, 2014

Do You...

...collect CRT televisions or monitors? Feel free to send me some photos, information and if available, video links of your collection! I can post your collection on this website under the 'other collectors collections' category.

You too can contribute: I am welcome to the idea of posting other people's electronic circuit projects, with appropriate instructions, pictures and schematics.

  Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or suggestions