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                                       TEAC DVTV3401

Brand - TEAC
Model # - DVTV3401
Serial # - 07X006T19000650 (?)
Year (approx) - 2000's

Type -
Colour CRT Television/DVD combo unit

Size - 13.5" / 34cm
Tuner - Analogue VHF/UHF
Input - 75Ω coaxial, Digital coaxial, RCA (x2)
Output - RCA
Speakers - Stereo
Colour encoding - PAL (B/G)
Power consumption - 70W
Power - 240V~ 50Hz
Used in - Australia
Made in - China


This television is on Youtube!



I found this television last year, as we were moving house. My mum and I were driving past, and I spotted it on the sidewalk all by itself. I asked mum to pull over so I could hop out and take some photos of it. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it was a television and DVD combo unit.

As I got back in the car, I mentioned that it'd be a good set for me and a friend to pull apart. After a minute of thinking, mum agreed and let me take it. I ran across the road, grabbed it and carefully walked back, wearing a big smile!

There was one condition, however. It was to be taken to the new house, and I couldn't do anything with it until we had moved in. It was hard, but I managed! One we arrived at the new house, I carefully sat it down in the garage, until I was allowed to touch it again.

Several weeks later, and we had finally moved in! Most of our stuff was at our new house, and as such, we were living there at last. I finally asked the question - "Now that we've moved in, can I use that television we found?". The answer was a pleasant yes! I plugged it in, and found it to work great. The DVD player seemed to work, but wouldn't read the disks.

I pulled the television apart and reassembled it, as that seems to be a good method for fixing some problems (fixed my Sony Trinitron by doing this also), and cleaned the laser reading lense inside the DVD player.

I plugged the set it, turned it on and waited for the set to warm up. The set came to as normal, so far so good! I then switched to the DVD player channel and opened the tray. I placed one of my disks in the tray and closed it again. The little spinning 'reading disk' symbol popped up in the corner of the screen. Then, the television sprung to life as it played the DVD inside! It was now completely working, though the set still lacked a remote controller.

Nowadays, the set sits proudly atop my electronics cupboard, next to my workbench in the garage. It's proved itself already, and I have spent many hours listening to music DVDs on it whilst working in there.