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                           Sony Trinitron KV-2185AS

Brand - SONY
Model # - TRINITRON KV-2185AS
Serial # - 1036694
Year (approx.) - 1994
Size - 21"
Type - Colour CRT television
Tuner - Analogue VHF/UHF
Input - 75
Ω coaxial, RCA (x2)
Output - RCA
Speakers - Mono
Power - 110-240V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption - 105W
Used in - Australia
Made in - Malaysia

This television is on Youtube!

While technically not my first television, I consider my Sony Trinitron as my first, as it was the first one I found after my interest in cathode ray tube televisions was sparked. I had owned two before, but both had long been disposed of.

Before finding this, I had spent many days at school researching and reading about CRT televisions. I learned a lot in class, but not from the teacher! I had read many comments about Sony  Trinitrons being the best set out there, with their well known aperture grille design. I, at first, though them to be weird televisions. I gradually warmed up to the idea of them, until one afternoon on the bus, I found myself wishing that I would find a nice working Sony Trinitron.

I got home and decided to go for a bike ride, as I usually did after school, to look for nice televisions. My first stop, not far from where I found my SANYO CP14CE1 and Palsonic 3435TS, I spotted the large bulking shape of a CRT television - a welcome sight! Upon closer inspection, I discovered it to be a Sony Trinitron! My wish had come true! I knocked on the door of the house it was in front of, and got a confirmation that it worked. Better yet, it had the original remote!

I madly rode home, and discovered that my parents were going shopping, and so would be gone for the better part of an hour. I grabbed a hand-trolley, some rope and headed off. I ran a good part of the way, with the trolley bouncing along behind, and then took a shortcut through the golf course. I finally got back to my Sony, finding it unharmed and where I left it.

I placed it face-down on the trolley, and tied it in with the rope. I then grabbed the remote and computer power cable.With this, I returned home at a slower, more relaxed pace. I got the television home and plugged it in. I then hid behind a chair and used a broom handle to press the power button! The set switched on smoothly, working perfectly!

The plastic cover which sat over the front tuning controls is gone, though that is a common occurrence. It is rare to find a set with the tuning control cover still intact and in place. The set has had occasional issues with the colour and image position, though that is only as a result of me fiddling around with it before I knew what I was doing. I have also completely disassembled it several times for cleaning.

It is a great television, and has long proved itself. Nowadays, it is hooked up to a DVD player, XBox gaming console, and a digital set-top box. We have since moved house, but it is still set-up in my room, proudly working on after 19 years. It is truly a tribute to the quality of CRT televisions, and to Sony's great picture tubes and televisions.