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                     NATIONAL QUINTREX TC-1406R

Model # - QUINTREX TC-1406R
Serial # - EJ3550210
Type - Colour CRT television
Size - 13.5" / 34cm
Tuner - Analogue VHF/UHF
Input - 75
Ω coaxial
Speakers - Mono

Power -
240V~ 50Hz
Power consumption - 61W
Used in - Australia
Made in - Japan

                       This television is on Youtube!



I found this set in November, 2012, a distance from my house. It was sitting in front of a hill side house, along with a 34cm1990's DAEWOO set, a wicker basket and two VCR/DVD combo units. I was rather surprised to find such an awesome television, in such great condition, set out on the curb for garbage collection.

 I only had two hessian bags with me on my bike, so I salvaged the CRT and circuit board from the DAEWOO, noted the house address, and rode home. Upon arriving home, I stowed my bike and called for a taxi cab to meet me at the house in 20 minutes.

Having organized this, I grabbed a hat and water bottle, and left. I ran half the way, walked the rest (took about 15 minutes), and only just as I entered the street, I realized that I had dropped my wallet somewhere along the way!

I'm sure some of you are familiar with that horrible sinking feeling, accompanied by a miniature heart attack! I ran back the way I came panicking, but found it halfway back.

I phoned the cab company back to let them know that I would be a few minute late, and ran back. I found the taxi waiting at the bottom of the street, and caught it up to where the television was.
 I jumped out and grabbed the National, and a short while (and $15 for the cab ride) later, I was back home, in air conditioned comfort.

The digital switchover was only a week or so away, so I immediately set up the telly and watched it over a pizza and chocolate milk lunch!

The National TC-1406R is one of my favourite sets, alongside my PYE 12G13. It is very unique, in that it has a little panel on the front, which opens at the press of a button. This reveals a small panel with channel, volume and power controls. If you then press on a tab on it, this 'pops' out as a remote controller. If you then open the panel further, it reveals image (colour, brightness, contrast etc.), volume, channel and tuning controls.