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Hi, I am Nathan Brown and I am 15 years old. My interests include vintage televisions and computer equipment and I play guitar, bass, piano, organ and keyboard. I have a few televisions, three of which I found at the dump, and one was given to me by my school.

I found two console/low-boy units at the dump, the HMV Trent and Astor, and I found a HMV P1 console for $40 at a recycle centre. They were very hard to get home! After I got them home, I opened them up to check them and the valves, and then powered one up to test it, but a capacitor went up in smoke! The HMV Trent I found was the only one of the three that works.

I also have a Rank Arena low-boy, and while I don't know the model, it is cool to the bone! I also have a big NEC N-2666 which is my main television, and was given to me by my school. It is a solid state colour set, though I haven't used it in a while.

I don't think that people should throw out their working analogue televisions, as they still have plenty of uses, such as for use with a VCR player or gaming console.  Some people also convert them into fish tanks, which I hate!

My collection consists of:



  • AWA P5Y                                                 (B&W portable)
  • AWA P27                                                 (B&W portable)
  • AWA C-1413                                  (colour portable)
  • General GC-143                               (colour portable)
  • General Electric GE-141                  (colour portable)
  • HMV P1                                            (B&W console)
  • HMV Trent                                               (B&W low-boy)
  • NEC N-2666                                               (colour)
  • PHILIPS KA-910                            (colour portable)
  • PHILIPS KA-212                            (colour portable)
  • RANK ARENA C-1413                     (colour portable)
  • RANK ARENA C-1418                     (colour portable)


  • Apple Macintosh iMac G3
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore 128
  • IBM Aptiva                                       (1996 desktop)
  • Leading Edge                                          (1998 desktop)
  • Macintosh Powerbook G4
  • VIC-20


  • Canon BJC-1000SP
  • Canon BJC-4100

So for me, the road to television restoration begins! Stay tuned for future updates.


Check out Nathan's Youtube channel, where he uploads a variety of interesting videos about his guitar, organ and television interests.


Nathan Brown's Youtube Channel

   AWA C-1413 & Sharp CX-3465S                    1960s Astor console 

 1970s HMV colour unit 

 HMV Trent low-boy                           1962 HMV P1 console 


 1966-67 HMV Trent low-boy  

 AWA C-1413 colour portable 

 AWA P27 (left), General Electric GE-141 (right) 
 & NEC N-2666 (bottom)  

 AWA P5Y B&W portable